Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling

We can install the very best curtain walling in the UK at reasonable prices and fantastic value for money.

Curtain Wall Types

Curtain Wall Types

We have a range of curtain wall types that you can pick from depending on your individual needs and requirements and specific spending budget.

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Curtain Walling

We can provide curtain walling to improve the look of your shop exterior. The curtain-walls are not only attractive but functional too! We provide an MC wall system that is designed to create a practical facade that has different options.


You can choose from sloped or facet shaped glazing - this allows maximum light into small or large multi-storey buildings. We provide on-site installation at an unbelievable speed and the very best quality. We install concealed transoms for seamless glass to glass joints. We also install a thermal break system. 

Frameless shopfronts are very popular but have you thought about glass or aluminium curtain walling?

If you have any questions on the curtain walling, please complete the contact form provided and Shop Front Design Limited will respond to you as soon as possible with help and information.

Simply send over:

  • your address
  • some photos of the existing shop front
  • sizes required

Once we receive this information, we will be able to offer you a free online quote for the curtain walls.

What is a Curtain Wall?

A curtain-wall is a thin wall (often aluminium framed) that contains infills of glass, metal panels or thin stone.

The framing is attached to a specific building and does not carry the floor or roof loads of the building. A number of establishments have curtain walls installed to create a top-quality facade that looks good, using a range of glazing methods, vertical and horizontal panels, and structural techniques, that add to the appearance and aesthetics of the architecture.

If you are interested in having a curtain-wall installed at your workplace our team are able to help you. Simply fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you with details on aluminium curtain walling and the best deals available.

Our team can work on high rise buildings as well as ground floor level, just let us know in your enquiry, as this can sometimes affect the cost.


We offer a spandrel panel to ensure all insulation/slabs/etc. are hidden from sight. This makes the curtain walls a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, we can also offer capped curtain walling detail.

As professionals we can offer the best prices, so don't hesitate to get in touch for details on the costs involved and your individual budget that we'll try to get closest to.

Curtain Wall Types

Whether you are interested in aluminium curtain walls, glass curtain walls or something else, we can help.

There are a number of curtain wall systems that you can choose from. Our product types include MC wall, SC frame, Shopline and a Smart-wall. The MC-wall is a curtain-wall system that has a thermal break.

This differs from the SC frame which is suitable for low to medium rise facades; this includes shopfronts, showrooms and other areas similar to this. Our framework allows for quick construction on-site without leaving lots of loose components.


The other options we've got available for shop fronts include shopline and smart-wall. Shopline is a system specifically used for doors and shopfronts. They consist of multiple vertical mullions which go to the top.

Then the horizontal transoms are installed between the mullions. You will then have the option of a low threshold or no threshold due to the doors with concealed closers overhead. Finally, the smart wall is another product perfect for shopfronts.

The screen and door system incorporates a Polyamide thermal break which enhances the performance of the thermal qualities. These walls are perfect for any type of commercial screenwork and can also be used at schools and other educational buildings.

All our curtain walling systems are weather-resistant as we use premium materials, such as aluminium, which can withstand harsh rain and wind. The vertical mullions and horizontal transoms, used in shopline, are lightweight and their structural properties allow them to stick to the outer panels, come rain or shine. 

You may be interested in aluminium curtain walls and anodising fronts. If so make sure to speak to our team. We would be happy to discuss the aluminium curtain walling in more detail.

Glass Curtain Wall

A glass curtain wall system is one of the most popular types and can be used by a number of different companies. The reason why glass is most commonly used is that it can be installed with a range of glazing:

  • transparent
  • translucent
  • opaque

This is all depending on your requirements.

You can also have various degrees of transparency. Vision or Spandrel glass can contain transparent or translucent glass which may be sued for security or aesthetic purposes. Opaque glass, with matte glazing, is often used in areas where things are to be hidden.

A number of people love the fact that glazed facades allow natural light to enter the building. Natural light not only looks great but also means you can save on electricity costs!

If you're interested to find out more about the glass or aluminium curtain-wall that we are able to install, please complete our contact box. All you need to do is fill in your details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our team are happy to answer any questions you have got on curtain wall systems, so please do not hesitate to contact us today with any queries you may have.

Aluminium Curtain Walling Systems

We have a full range of aluminium curtain wall systems available local to you and in surrounding areas. Our nearby specialists work hard to get closest to your spending budget whilst providing the best quality services. We have been within the industry for many years and will not be beaten on price for a like for like quote.

Aluminium is a great choice for curtain walling systems, as it can be powder coated to suit your colour scheme and appears modern and aesthetically pleasing. 

By looking for the cheapest contractors, you may not get the best materials and products. We will not use anything less than premium quality. 


To learn more about the various systems we have available, please speak to a member of our team today by fill in our contact form provided.

Curtain Wall Design Near Me

We can carry out the curtain-wall design in a number of different specifications. The specs we have available can all be modified to suit your individual requirements and ensure you are happy with the final result.

You may also want to speak about shutters being included. If so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you've got any suggestions or you would like to make it clear that you have specific needs which need to be taken into account, make certain to let one of our team members aware of this.

All you have to do is fill out the contact box now and we'll be able to assist you in the best way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Concept of Curtain Walling?

Curtain walling is the outer covering of a building where the outer walls are attached to the building structure but they are non-structural themselves. 

It is used for aesthetic purposes and to keep out the weather.

What is the Difference Between Curtain Walling and Cladding?

Curtain walling is stronger than cladding. 

Curtain walls are generally made of aluminium of large glass panels, whereas cladding is often made from UPVC, wood, metal or concrete.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Curtain Wall?

The life expectancy of a curtain wall is 60+ years.

Obviously, the exact lifespan will vary depending on a range of factors such as the material used.

Most curtain walls are installed using strong and durable materials allowing for a long lifespan.

What are the Two Types of Curtain Walling?

The two types of curtain walling are semi-unitised and stick systems. 

A semi-unitised curtain wall is a structural glazing method where the primary structural framing components are assembled like building blocks. In this assembly, vertical mullions are initially affixed to the floor slabs and then horizontal mullions are connected to the vertical mullions to create a grid-like structure.

A stuck system is where the elements are pieced together gradually onto the building's framework. This approach is primarily employed in low-rise structures or compact areas as exterior access is crucial for reaching greater heights.

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